Complete the following steps in Trabex to create a new, basic shipment.


  1. Once logged into Trabex, click on Shipment Wizard in the application menu.

  2. Select Shipments from the menu list

  3. Click "New Shipment

  4. Complete each of the following fields:
    1. Profile
    2. Shipment Type - Air, Ocean, Train, Truck, etc.
    3. Export Country - The country the shipment leaving from 
    4. Import Country - The country the shipment is going to
    5. Invoice Number - The invoice number of the order or internal paperwork for this shipment 

NOTE: This information will be used in many areas of shipment paperwork.

NOTE: The import and export fields use the standardized two-character ISO country code. Click the search button to find ISO country code.


  1. Click "Create" 
  2. The below message will appear with the shipment number.
  3. The shipment number is a link that will take you to the next screen to complete the details of the shipment.


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