1. Under the Restricted Parties dropdown menu, select History.

2. From this page, you can search history from these data fields.

Data Fields:

  • User - Provides a drop down list of your companies users to allow history searches by user

  • Country Selection drop down

  • Date Range From - Date you would like to start the search for Past Screenings

  • Date Range To - Date you would like to end the search for Past Screenings

  • Screening Entry - Allows users to search based on any portion of the original screening criteria

  • Reference - Allows users to search based on the reference used in the original screening(s).

  • Screening Type - Search Screening History by Name, Address, or All screenings

  • Resolution - Search Screening History by Resolved, Unresolved, or All Screenings

  • Action Taken - Provides a drop down of all resolution options allowing users to filter Screening History by a specific action taken

3. Once you have provided your criteria, click on Search.

4. This results will allow the user to view, resolve, and/or email the results of past screenings. The default sort on the table is by date, with the most recent at the top.

5. To view a previous search, click anywhere on the line for the found screenings.

6. From here, you'll be able to see potential matches, actions taken, email results, view comments along with the ability to resolve/unresolve to take additional action.


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